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Girlfag is one woman's exploration of life as a female-bodied person who loves and identifies with gay men, who yearns to connect as a man with a male lover. It explores the lives of other girlfags past and present, from Pharaoh Hatshepsut to Mary Renault, and spends a lot of time at the theater (“musical theater,” the author muses, "is the art form of anyone who's ever lived a lie"). It is essential reading for anyone who chafes at today's rigid boundaries of gender and orientation.

  • “The sort of memoir that comes along once in a generation... an ecstatic, haunted and celebratory work that places Hardy in an elite group of writers who have reinvented sexual identity on their own terms.” – Thomas Roche, author, The Panama Laugh
  • "One of our finest writers of alternative sexuality and gender... Hardy lays bare life between genders, and exposes the conundrum at the root of all great sexual encounters and gender identities: do you want to be that person, or do you want to have sex with them?" Kate Bornstein, author, A Queer and Pleasant Danger
  •  “Janet has provided an intimate glimpse into the development and emergence of one girfag-identified female-bodied human. Weaving in literary figures, musical references and the tender intimacy of desire unfolding, Hardy adds the largest puzzle piece yet to the ongoing assembly of a girlfag mosaic.” – Jill Nagle, author, screenwriter, and coiner of the word “girlfag”
  • "Girlfag isn't just a collection of stories, or even just a book: it is a wonderful experience. Janet's life is here, in these pages, and what her tales – and her life – reveals about herself and the nature of life, love, and sexuality is both touching and enlightening. ." – M.Christian, author, editor, and bon vivant
  • "A smart, funny, gender-bending delight.... with show tunes!" – Simon Sheppard, author, Sodomy! and The Dirty Boys' Club

Format: 5.5” x 8.5” perfect-bound

Pages: 192

Price: book $13.95, ebook $9.95

ISBN: book 978-1-938123-00-9, ebook 978-1-938123-01-6

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