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M Cho Girlfag Shirt


Girlfag badge


What the well-dressed girlfag is wearing this year!

Here's the Girlfag t-shirt - being modeled by
world-famous girlfag/comic/author/activist
Margaret Cho. Screenprinted on a Hanes tagless
100% cotton shirt, it is available in men's sizes S-XL.
$20 each plus shipping. Order yours
on the ordering page.

We're hoping to have Guydyke shirts,
Girlfag shirts in other sizes, and other merchandise
available soon. If there's something special
you'd like to see, please let us know!

And if you've bought a Girlfag shirt and loved it,
send us a picture for our gallery!

NEW! - Girlfag Badge

Wear this on your jeans (if you're That Kind Of Girlfag)
or your corset (if you're That Other Kind Of Girlfag).
Don't go cruising without it! 2.5" square.
Just $8 plus shipping.

If we get a good response to these, we'll do Guydyke
badges too. If there are other merchandise categories
you'd like (undies, coffee mugs, mouse pads...
you know the drill), let us know and
we'll do our best to provide it.

Visit our ordering page to get yours... and then send
us a picture for our gallery!



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